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09,  · e bible is proof at e book exists. Does a Spider-Man comic prove at Spider-Man exists? Does a Superman comic prove Lex Lu er exists? I want to meet Gandolf e White from Lord of e Rings! Anyone at claims e bible is proof at e characters in e book exists is a moron. 14,  · e question of whe er a god exists is heating up in e 21st century. offers fur er rational evidence, in my view, for e conclusion at human beings well be made in e image of Au or: Robert H. Nelson. 27, 2007 · If e bible isn't proof at God exists (and it isn't), and e wonders of nature don't prove at God exists (and ey don't), and your personal, subjective feelings aren't proof of God's existence (again, nope), what evidence is ere at God exits? 05,  · ere is no Solid evidence for God. I.e. ere is no consistent and independently verifiable evidence for e existence of God. e evidence at believers provide always is . 22,  · e god of is age has blinded e minds of unbelievers, so at ey cannot see e light of e gospel at displays e glory of Christ, who is e image of God. Ei er God has yet to reveal himself to you, or you are blind to seeing God. I have seen e evidence. 30,  · e evidence at God exists is at ere is no proof God does not exist. Just like e evidence for e Easter Bunny! 14 13. Show more answers (20) Still have questions? Get answers by asking now. Ask question + 0. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. How is it possible at God is not. Nous Evidence at God Exists Yahoo Dating l'avons dit, nous le disons et le dirons, le site offre toutes ces fonctionnalités gratuitement et jamais nous ne vous demanderons votre carte de crédit! C'est juré Hommes seniors Hérault. 94 ans. Rester connecté. Ano er proof God exists is e reality of radically transformed hearts and lives. Many books and movies have been made to tell e countless stories of harsh, dishonest, cruel, selfish people who had an encounter wi Jesus Christ – and who changed into in loving, self-sacrificial, humble and tender people, who express e very heart. 09,  · ere is no factual evidence at any gods exist. All religions are based on fai, and fai is e belief in some ing at can't or hasn't been proven as fact. 15 25 27. 04,  · ere are many proof of God existence. Open your heart and have a pure desire to know God and He won't refuse you if your desire is honest. Ask and it will be given to you. seek and you will find. knock and e door will be opened to you. - Mat ew 7:7. Books recommend: * e Devil's Delusion: A eism and It's Scientific Pretensions __. 29,  · Now I’m happy to share at I’ve made some new a eist friends, and we’re talking back and for about whe er ere is enough proof at God exists. So in is article, I’m going to share wi you my opinion on what is e best proof at God exists. is article is going to be e logical argument for e existence God. 04, 2009 · Earlier a question was posted asking a eists for eir evidence at no God exists. When people answered at it was up to one alleging e existence of a God to provide evidence, e questioner stated at at was a cop-out, e religious story itself is evidence of e God, and a eists must provide some evidence at no God exists. As e questioner is so insistent at a story about. 21,  · Morality argument for God’s existence. We know at God is real because ere is a moral standard and if ere is a moral standard ere is a transcendent moral tru giver. A eists make e mistake of inking at Christians are saying at ey have no morals, which is not true. 03,  · ere is none. Proof is for science, which currently can't say any ing about whe er God exists or not. at leaves us to look at evidence. Every year millions experience God for emselves. You should, too. It's e logical ing to do. Don't bo er moving e goalposts. It's more evidence an a eists have to shore up eir fantasy at. 25,  · e Bible’s answer. Yes, e Bible provides compelling evidence at God exists. It encourages us to build fai in God, not by blindly believing religious assertions, but by using our power of reason and mental perception. (Romans 12:1. 1 John 5: 20, footnote) Consider e following lines of reasoning based on e Bible. 08, 20  · ere is absolutely no evidence any gods exist, let alone a specific one. Whoever said ere was proof was lying or mistaken. logical fallacies like appeal to ignorance, negative proof/burden of proof, and special pleading are not proof. nei er are quotes from e bible, insults, claims at I already have evidence, personal experiences, or anecdotes which have a natural explanation or no. ,  · e question of whe er a god exists is heating up in e 21st century. According to a Pew survey, offers fur er rational evidence, in my view, for . 15, 2008 · Empirical, testable, and indisputable evidence for e existence of ANY god has yet to arrive. I expect at e evidence will present itself on is date certain: e twelf of never. To Dios es mi amor: God is e product of man's unique ability to imagine some ing from no ing. 12,  · A eists exist because ere is no actual proof of any Gods. ere is No hard evidence of any superpower and never has been. All you have are e handed down words of men. Also, a eists don't have any invested interest in proving a God does not exist, e same could not be said of men who wanted people to follow em and do eir will. 11,  · Question: Does God exist? Answer: Whe er God exists is e most important question any person can consider. Opinions on God are everywhere, but answering e question does God exist? demands more an a few seconds of attention and involves a wide range of ideas and evidence. Ultimately, what we see in human experience, science, logic, and history leads to a confident answer: yes, God exists. Scientific proof of God e case for a Creator – Several scientists. Lee Strobel is a journalist who believed science proved ere is no God. rough a deeper investigation of science he however gradually came to e discovery at science actually proves e existence of God. 09,  · Yahoo Products. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Society & Culture Religion & Spirituality. 59 mins ago. A eists, what is your 'proof' at God doesn't exist? Answer Save. 14 Answers. Relevance. Dead Who on a Stick 01/20/21. Lv 5. 1 min ago. What's your proof o er gods don't exist. And why is yours e one. 22,  · A eists move e goalposts, ignoring all evidence at is offered. Every year millions experience God for emselves, but a eists insist on scientific proof, knowing full well at science can't currently say any ing about whe er God exists or not. 23, 2008 · fallacy always offers indications and circumstantial evidence but you can't prove a negative only disprove an already proved positive. It's not tangible so I go wi reality for what it's wor and keep an open mind just in case some ing relevant should arise.I can't prove space people don't exist in ano er dimension ei er but I don't order. 17, 2006 · Contradictions in e Bible wouldn't prove at God doesn't exist. e Bible's just a book. It merely means at e Bible doesn't prove at God does exist. Proof at God doesn't exist would require a bit more an debunking a book written by man. For e record, I don't believe ei er. It's just at ere's no logic to is question. If I am correct, objective moral obligations will be evidence for God’s existence. Before I go any fur er, I must make it clear at I am not claiming at one must believe in God in order to be moral. I am not claiming at statistically ose who believe in God are more moral an ose who do not. I am also not claiming at our knowledge. 15, 2007 · e bible assumes e existence of God and reveals God to us. In fact a persons experience of God is based of fai which is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1 NIV). If you can accept God by fai en e proof will become self-evident and obvious. regards. Peter. ere are a couple ings I can appreciate about e Who designed e Designer? argument. Al ough it is rooted in a caricature of e Kalam cosmological argument’s first premise (Whatever begins to exist has a cause ), it is a positive argument for a eism, and it does attempt to deal wi e God hypo esis in e only arena where God’s existence be isively confirmed. Yes, e Bible provides compelling evidence at God exists. It encourages us to build fai in God, not by blindly believing religious assertions, but by using our power of reason and mental perception. (Romans 12:1. 1 John 5: 20, footnote) Consider e following lines of reasoning based on e Bible. 24,  · Well, certainly not scientific evidence as it is scientifically impossible to prove e existence, or supposed nonexistence, of God via science as science purely relies upon ings at of a physical nature, & God is of a spiritual nature, so, God's existence, or supposed nonexistence, is some ing at e field of Metaphysics should, & has, dealt wi as it is has been conclusively proven. 13, 2008 · well? really a eists kind of do believe in God,you dont never hear em say i know eres not a God? ey say i believe ere is not a God.Big difference,meaning be but i really dont know.But ere is plenty of proof at God exsists and at e bible is real, ere is more documented at Jesus Christ rose from e grave en any ing els in history. ere is plenty of scientific evidence. While writing God in Proof: e Story of a Search from e Ancients to e Internet, I found at proofs about God rough history reveal a lot more an ey're given credit for.Like artifacts from a lost time dug up from e ground, ese proofs offer glimpses into how people imagined eir place in e universe and eir chances of knowing any ing meaningful about e divine.

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